Friday, July 25, 2008

Where in the World Are Dawn and Sergio?

Little Rock.

We have been to Dallas and seen our apartment. We painted and cleaned and tried to get to know as much of the city as possible in five days, with mixed results. And then we turned around and came up to Little Rock.

All of these things deserve a post of their own but we can't seem to get internet anywhere right now and our pictures are trapped on our computer. This is my parents computer, if you were wondering.

Good things about Dallas so far:
Grilled cuban sandwiches
spicy thai that delivers
good food on every corner at affordable prices
our apartment
our neighborhood
the pool
the building Sergio will be working at

Bad things about Dallas so far:
no free wifi
the tollway
loopy one way streets
the insane heat

On a different note, my nephew is two now. I wish I had internet on the right day or could post a picture now, but this will have to do. Happy Birthday David! It turns out that two likes to push noisy things around the house, spin cars in chairs, and hit golf golfs (golf balls) with spoons (golf clubs).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flash Update and Some Pics

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri are done. Taking a brief break in Fayetteville to barbecue, visit with friends, and finally see the first baby of the group. We'll be checking out Dallas and our new apartment by Friday afternoon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home Stretch

My brain is mush. Why are the last three weeks of grad school the busiest and hardest we have had the entire time? Seems like bad planning. Sergio is bored silly waiting on me to finish class and can we GO already? I have no idea how to make that last sentence grammatically correct. Because my brain is mush.

We are out of here tomorrow as soon as my classes are over at 1:30. Phew.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dawn has the Cheekbones, I Have the Cheeks

This week we tackled the NEED TO DO's. Yard sale and donation trips on Saturday, cleaning out closets and junk every other day, and now we are back to donating and maybe selling more books. We also attempted to load my old trunk into the car to be shipped on Greyhound, but learned a lesson in square pegs and round holes. We aren't sure what to do about that at this point.

And it has been very hot, leading us to take cold showers, eat every meal outside the house, and not dry my hair. Here is dinner out, non blow-dried hair, after a cold shower.