Sunday, August 27, 2006

Does Tzatziki go with Lemon Chicken?

Sergio and I took the bus and then the Max downtown to the Saturday Market this morning. The Saturday Market runs throughout the summer and fall and is a large street market with everything from handmade wooden toys to Henna tattoos to tie-dye thongs. The atmosphere is lovely and it was full of people today. We had been exploring for a few minutes when we were accosted by a woman who gave us two stickers, an american flag and a peace sign, and asked us for a donation for some organization or other. Sergio gave her $5 and we went on our way. I tell you this not to impress you with our generosity, but to point out that we had given 1/3 of the money we had with us. This became a bit of an issue when we came across the real draw of the Market, the street food. It went beyond the regular corn dogs and funnel cakes to Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Greek, Polish, African, and English fare. We could have noodles and pasties, or a burrito and a kielbasa. The possibilities were endless, however the money was not. We had to agree on something.
We ended up in line at the greek stand for a gyro even though I knew Sergio would probably rather have had anything Asian. Out of nowhere a girl came up and offered to buy Sergio lunch. He turned her down immediately without waiting for an explanation. Do we look that destitute that strangers want to buy our food? I don't think so. But she seemed normal and well-balanced so we were understandably confused. But she persisted and explained to me that she was on a church scavenger hunt and had to buy someone lunch. And so, I let her buy me a gyro and take my picture. I felt sort of bad about it. On one hand I was helping her, but on the other there are plenty of panhandlers that might have enjoyed the free lunch.
Just as I was feeling low, Sergio pointed out that we had donated $5 dollars not an hour before and walked off to the Chinese cart. Karma, people. Never underestimate it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A poodle's point of view

Lately, I think maybe my owners are trying to kill me. This may sound rather paranoid, but if you knew what they have been doing to me you would see what I mean.
Not so long ago my life consisted of a morning walk, eating, sleeping in the bathroom most of the day, and maybe a quick run when the blonde girl and bearded guy got home from wherever they went all day. It wasn't a bad life at all. Every now and then they would take me for a car ride, a long hike, or force me to accompany them into a place with lots of people who tried to touch me while they played cards, but blondie and beardie usually let me sit on their laps if people got too close. A simple and quiet life. But then, things started changing. They started packing up all the stuff in the house, and for a few days they were at home all day, which was great, but sort of scary too. Things were changing. Not long after they packed up all of the stuff into the car and we began a five day road trip. I ate in the car and slept in the car, and every time I got out of the car it was some creepy place I had never been to before. I thought I would go mad.
It was a pretty good day when we finally unpacked all the stuff and I could roll around in the big pile of blankets that smelled like the old house. Also they leave the windows and doors open all the time at this place so that I can always bark at some mystery noise and run straight into the screen door chasing those strange dogs* outside. Things were looking up. This is where I really think they started with their dastardly plans in earnest. They took me first to this place that had more water than I had ever seen, grainy stuff that was hard to walk in, and so much wind. At first it was kind of fun, there were all these fun rocks and plants in the water. But then the bearded one started running along and the blonde one told me to chase him and somewhere in the middle the sand dropped out from under me and I flipped over and over. I got that grainy stuff in my eyes and no matter how much I rolled around on the ground, I couldn't get it out. In fact, it seemed to get worse. Even after my terrible fall they ran around and had me chase them. Between the wind and the grainy dirt, I couldn't see a thing. I was beginning to get suspicious of their motives. Later that week they took me on a hike with more strangers and we walked straight up a hill for miles. Is this their idea of fun? Of course after all that walking I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I began wandering over the rocks when I heard my names spoken in that urgent way. I stopped short and looked down. Way down. They took me to the top of a cliff and I nearly walked right off. Their evil plot was becoming clearer to me.
But the last straw came when they took me on another hike a couple of days later (what is it with these people?) and we walked up some more. Except when we got to the top of this trail the bearded guy walked out into the middle of rushing water on rocks. Smart. I followed as if compelled by some uncontrollable instinct. I jumped up and down slippery wet rocks for over half an hour following these idiots. Finally we went back down the hill and I thought the nightmare was over. Nope. They took me to a this little canyon that was accessed only by climbing over huge logs and then wading through water and sharp rocks. And swimming through freezing water. I kept pulling back on the leash, but they didn't listen and kept pulling me through that water. Before it was over they had to carry me because I couldn't walk for shivering. This was by far their cruelest attempt yet at taking my life.
Today they did redeem themselves a bit. They took me for a run at a nearby park and at the end they took me to the most wonderful place on Earth. There were all these dogs all over the place and they were all free! I was so shocked that I didn't even realize that I too had been set free, but when I did, I dove right in. Oh, the smells. So many smells and places to mark. And everyone seemed just as interested as me in greeting each other, except maybe that big boxer that growled at me (could my owners have planned that?). It was heaven. And I think I heard them say they would take me back all the time, so maybe they aren't trying to kill me after all. Maybe they are just inept pet owners. What a comforting thought.
Good day to you all, I am off to nap and bark at those funny dogs* outside the door.

*The funny dogs are cats.

And these are some pictures I've managed to get my paws on that show you the sort of place I now live.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I hope you had a good day

Posting while watching Cheech and Chong

On Wednesday Sergio and I went to the Black Cat Tavern in Sellwood to meet a few of his future classmates. They are all very nice people and though everyone comes from a different background, everyone seem to have a few things in common that brought them to this city and this school. We planned that day to go on a hike with some of them and went yesterday. We drove into Washington and hiked up Mt. Mitchell. On a clear day it has a view of St. Helens, Adams, Hood and Rainier. Yesterday was not quite that clear but it was still stunning at the top and we were very near Mt. Saint Helens. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera. We have to get better about taking that with us.
Don't worry though, Dave, a very nice future classmate, took his camera sent us a few pictures.

Mount St. Helens

Eliot and Dave's dog Cyrah went with us. Eliot appears to enjoy hiking.

The hike was 5.4 miles and it went up very quickly, which means that so far today Sergio and I haven't been able to do much more than eat breakfast and lie on the couch. Between the hike and the bouldering gym on thursday, I may never be able to walk normally again.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quote of the Week

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. -Mark Twain

David at 2 wks

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Should we have taken the short bus?

We have internet again! And now we can update. I wish that we could say we have been doing exciting things but mostly we have been unpacking boxes, doing laundry, and making trip after trip to the grocery store to buy those really fun things like hangers, trash bags, soap, and shower curtain liners. Even I can't get excited about that kind of shopping.
We have had some interesting experiences though. We took the bus downtown and had a very nice time. We ate at a restaurant and our waiters brother lives in Fayetteville. Strange. After that we took the bus home and arrived a mere two hours later. Next time we know to catch the #1 bus on fifth avenue not sixth.
And then we went to the coast on Sunday. We didn't really know what to expect, but 54 degrees and extremely windy is what we found. Absolutely beautiful, but I have never been so happy about my procrastinating habits as I was that day. We still had our warm clothes in the car that we had not yet unpacked. So, yes, on August 13 we were wearing long sleeves, pants, and fleece on the beach. I hear those of you in Arkansas are having weather over 100 degrees. Hee.
But that brings us the last interesting thing I have to tell you. And those of you who know Sergio well, please pay attention. We have no air conditioner. In fact, nowhere does. So far we haven't needed it. In fact, it has been cold enough most days that we don't even open the doors and windows until after noon, but it was quite a shock when we first heard that we have nothing more than a screen door and a fan.
We haven't really taken any new pictures so I will put a few more of the trip for now.




On the phone with mom, CO

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Around the World in Eighty Days, Sort of...

St. Vrain State Park, CO
Photo credit: Sergio

Number of states travelled through? 8 (AR, MO, KS, CO, WY, UT, ID, OR)
Time zones? 3
State Capitols? 4 (Kansas City, Denver, Cheyenne, Boise)
Highest altitude? 8,653 (Wyoming)
Times across the Continental Divide? 2*
Lowest paid for gas? $2.72 (Evanston, WY)
Highest paid for gas? $3.16 (Oakley, KS)

But it isn't over quite yet. We are in a hotel room in Bakers City, OR and have one more day of driving before we are in our new home. Even though the road trip has been interesting, I think we are both ready to see what Portland is like. Thoughts on the trip so far

- We drove Kansas on autopilot and have nothing interesting to say about it.
- Eastern Colorado isn't Colorado, but is in fact Western Kansas.
- People in Boulder seem very happy to be living there.
- St. Vrain State Park is a good example of why Colorado has the reputation it does. Close, nature, cheap, pretty.
- Desolate, creepy, perplexing, and sometimes eerily pretty are all ways of describing Wyoming.
- Chances of us spending much time in Southern Wyoming in the future are slim.
- The Medicine Bow National Forest was very pretty.
- Wyoming is windy and that makes it hard to drive through. Dawn is particularly bad at this.
- The terrain in the west seems to change dramatically every 60 miles or so.
- No matter the changes, there are no naturally growing trees in Wyoming.
- Utah was very pretty, but we spent no time there whatsoever.
- The Great Salt Lake looks very like other large lakes.
- Idaho is pastoral. They also have license plates that say Famous Potatoes.
- Driving with a trailer on your car with a fifteen gallon gas tank requires many stops for gas.
- Stopping at the gas station with the cheapest gas at the exit is like winning a bet.
- The first two cities in Oregon both have breweries, we like Oregon very much.

More trip pics and posts when we get there!

Look for the rainbow, St. Vrain


Fast food

*The Continental Divide splits and comes back together in central Wyoming creatig a basin, allowing us to pass over it twice.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Breaker, Breaker, 10-4, Good Buddy

Trailer's loaded. We fit all the furniture that we had hoped to and still have extra space in the car, which I can hardly believe. We will be on our way to Kansas City tomorrow at noon. Wish us luck!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Quote of the Week

We think so because other people all think so, Or because -- or because -- after all we do think so, Or because we were told so and think we must think so, Or because we once thought so, and think we should still think so, Or because having thought so, we think we WILL think so.--Henry Sidgwick

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ryan bowled a 62

Sam and Nikki

Clnton, Keith, Marissa, and Andrew

Helen and Sergio

Sporting a new look

On the catwalk

Sergio, Erin, Keith, and Helen

It seems like we haven't been in town for a weekend in months and so we haven't really been able to see our friends. Out of desperation we sent out a mass text message to meet at the bowling alley and actually managed to have our friends get together in time to see Clinton off as well as us. I know that I have been relying much too heavily on pictures lately but we are now in the midst of packing up the house and getting everything done, so please hang with us and our photo blog while we get through the next two weeks.

In case you were wondering, Helen and Marissa beat us all, but Ryan was there to make us all feel better about our bowling skills.