Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Seven Down, Three to Go" -quote from our friend Brett

Our 7th anniversary was on Sunday. I had left the house at 4:30 am on Saturday in order to take my Quiz Bowl team to Regionals in Marshall (we won!) and got home around 7:30 pm. So by Sunday we were just happy to get to hang out and do regular weekend things. We went to lunch with our friends and played trivia video games at their house and then brought greasy pizza home. Not so exciting, I guess, but nice.

Our 7th year together was the first in which we both worked regular jobs the whole time, and for six months of it Sergio worked across the state, and we had a toddler, and then we bought a house that requires constant work just to keep it alive. In short, we've been busy. My marriage goal for year eight? I should say something like better communication, make more time for each other, work together on the house, but let's be real. My goal is to take a beach vacation.

Things learned about Sergio in year seven: He can snake pipes, install a dishwasher, build animal houses in an afternoon, and work in East Arkansas for six months without losing his mind.
Things learned about Dawn in year seven: She is not well-suited to living in the country in a half-working house.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday Matinee

We are alive over here, just lacking in those snow days that made me remember to blog more often. We have a couple of short videos sitting on hold that we want to post but can't quite seem to get them from the phones to the computer at the moment. They're cute, take my word for it.

Anyway, Rosalind went to her first movie today! Rango to be exact. We were never quite sure when to try this but since she makes us watch Ponyo day in and day out we thought this might be the time. She did great in the theater, asking with wide eyes, "what was that?" when the screen and sound came on. She watched about 3/4 of the movie in relative silence, ate sooo much popcorn, and then fell asleep. It was lovely.

But then it wasn't. Two tiny naps split up in the middle of a busy day meant that the rest of our day was pretty much crap while she whined and cried and wailed but still did not sleep again.

Sergio is also getting sick. He is also whiny.

Speaking of snow days, I had to work yesterday and I have to work again this coming Saturday because of those stupid days. I should be the one complaining. So that is my update. You can probably see why we haven't posted much.