Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday Night Boxing

Hello all, Sergio here, I just got home from watching the FREITAS V. RAHEEM fight on HBO, and although I'm not sure what percentage of blog fans are also boxing fans I thought I'd write up a little post with some of my opinions. First this was an ugly fight, no wonder nobody wants to fight Zahir Raheem, he's a south paw with an unothodox style and he's largely unimpressive. Secondly Acelino Freitas (Popo) got lucky, in that way that more marketable boxers do, he was aggresive but sometimes out of control and just didn't win enough late rounds. Finally Max Kellerman, HBO colorman, can't call a round to save his life, it's like he makes sure to disagree with me at every turn. So as you can probably tell Freitas won the fight and in such a close match either man could have, but it was the 116-112 decision making score that made me angry with boxing yet again. Two judges have it 115-113 for different fighters and the other scores it a secure win for Freitas, I'm afraid boxing will never gain real prominence again. Highlights included Raheems ridiculous fur gown and crown and of course Freitas' movie star jaw line.

Friday, April 28, 2006

A night at the theater

This is a post from Dawn, because as it turns out, musical theater may not be up Sergio’s alley.

We went to a University Production last night at the arts center here in Fayetteville. We saw Into the Woods, a show that mixes up popular fairy tales and then goes beyond Happily Ever After.

Though the show slowed considerably in the second act I still found the whole experience to be enjoyable. It has been a really long time since I have been to any sort of theater and I just liked being in there for the lights to go down and the music to come up. Some parts really stood out. The dwarves were cleverly costumed and a little bit creepy.* Prince Charmings 1 & 2 were memorable as well. They really added comic relief to the show and made me snort very loudly at least twice, “I was raised to be charming not sincere.” The real treat of the last act was seeing our friend Nikki play Sleeping Beauty (in a corset that deserved its very own applause). This was pretty much the whole reason we went to the show, and it was weird knowing someone on the stage. I am more accustomed to watching her play a Club Cloodle™ on Saturday nights when we get together to play Cranium™, than seeing her as part of a chorus line. Both are very entertaining.

Sleeping Beauty herself and Sam

The show ran sort of late for a Thursday night and Sergio and I did some fancy car swapping with Sam to get home in time to squeeze in our requisite six hours. Despite our best efforts, I am still very out of it today. I wonder if anyone would notice if I took a nap at my desk.

*In other productions of Into the Woods I understand there are no dwarves. The director must have felt they were needed in her version.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh by the way

This is Sir Eliot Adams

In The Beginning....

....Two left leaning southerners found each other. We courted, finished school, got married, and then took the biggest step of all, we bought a dog together. Now we are moving across the country, site unseen, to Portland, Oregon. I'll be attending law school and Dawn will work to support us, as well as learning to fit in by taking up knitting and drinking coffee. The idea behind this blog is to pay tribute to the place we have lived and loved for the past six years and document our move to our new home. We hope to write about food and the places we love to eat, about our outdoor adventures and how they could have gone better, and in general what we're doing day to day, mostly for our parents. We won't always post together so we'll try to let you know who you're hearing from and we'll see how this goes.