Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obviously Losing It

Characters: Me, Rosalind, Sergio, Retha (Sergio's mom), Eugenio (Sergio's dad)
Scene: We are all leaving the hotel room and each grab a bag, pack and play, bottle, or pacifier to help them load all of Rosalind's paraphernalia in their truck. I swing a bag over my shoulder and have a pacifier in my hand. I walk out the door and see Eugenio ahead of me carrying bags. I look behind me as Sergio and his mom close the hotel door each carrying bags. With a mounting sense of panic I ask, "Where is the baby?"
Sergio: What?
Me: Who has the baby? (Increasing panic!)
Sergio gives me a confused, slightly annoyed look. "You do."
Sergio: "She is in your left arm."
And indeed she was.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's My Birthday And All I Got Was An Oreo

We are celebrating Rosalind's Birthday on Saturday but we thought she'd like a treat today so we gave her some Oreos. She likes them.

Happy Birthday

Today is Rosalind's Birthday. More specifically, she was born at 12:01 PM one year ago today. Dawn will post a more lengthy entry later but we wanted a picture from today on here. We love her very much and can't possible imagine our lives without her, even though she decided last night was a good night to sleep for maybe four hours. Look at that hair!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Little After The Fact

Sergio and I celebrated our sixth anniversary last weekend. Here are some things we know about each other now that we did not know six years ago.

Dawn will not eat leftovers unless forced.
Sergio's alcohol consumption is directly related to how often he says the phrase, "In any case".
Dawn reads in the bathroom for what seems like hours.
Sergio is actually far more of a homebody than I am most of the time and loves routines.
Dawn can read a book over and over and over and over and is really into adolescent sci-fi/fantasy.
Sergio is perfectly capable of watching serial dramas as long as we can watch a whole season all at once.
Dawn's paralyzing fear of public speaking does not extend to teaching.
Sergio can watch The Office over and over and over and over...but then so can I.
Dawn is really into celebrity gossip.
Sergio is a better stay at home dad than I am a stay at home mom.
Dawn has an incredible pain threshold.
I would not have known six years ago that Sergio would willingly move to the Delta for any reason.

Six years ago we had no notion that we would now be a lawyer and a teacher. We did think we would have a kid by now, but probably an older one. We thought we would have more money. This year marks the first time we will both have adult jobs with adult-type salaries at the same time (knock on wood). It should be interesting to be able to pay all of our own bills and eat at the same time. This could be exciting!

My Spring Break

Friday, March 19, 2010

We Didn't Do It!

It happened while she was not in our care, but we don't blame anyone. It looked really awful yesterday after it happened when it was still bloody and swollen. I took her to Arvest Ballpark to watch Elkins play baseball and tried hard to ignore all the judging looks from people who thought I had either inflicted this wound myself or allowed it to happen through gross negligence. Luckily, the wound didn't dampen Rosalind's spirits at all and it is hard to worry too much over such a happy baby.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a Baby and Some Chickens

I love that Sergio and his dad built the coop with a red tin roof. It's a happy coop.

Monday, March 08, 2010


Thought I should do a quick check-in with the blog. We have been busy here lately and neglectful of the blog. I can't even really offer you pictures of Rosalind as the camera has needed recharging since Christmas. So here is a brief rundown of our lives the last few weeks.

We found a tiny rental house with a fenced backyard right in the middle of town, which is our favorite place to be. The house was in a right state, and we offered to paint and clean it if we could be reimbursed. So we painted the murky, dirty peach and blue walls a clean "Willow Branch" color (pale sage green?), and Rosalind's room "Pineapple Delight" (yellow). After recarpeting and cleaning, the house turned out quite adorable and fits our needs much better than our last place. No dishwasher, but the washer and dryer are no longer in the basement. It's a trade-off.

Fayetteville ordinance says you can have a certain number of laying hens in the city limits as long as you follow certain guidelines. We now own Nellie and Millie and they are laying up a storm in a red tin-roofed coop in the backyard. It is quite adorable. Yes, I did name my chickens for television and movie characters that live on farms. Nellie is the fat chicken and Millie is the skinny one because obviously the letter e is fatter than the letter i. This is how my brain works.

In the meantime, Sergio was watching Rosalind and continuing to look for a more secure position than his own business could offer. Two weeks after settling in to this house he got a call for an Helena, Arkansas. Did not see that coming.

We took an unexpected trip there this past weekend so that he could interview for the position. We were pleasantly surprised by what we found in the town, granted, our expectations were not high. Today, Sergio was offered the job. He will be an attorney in Helena, Ar. Getting a job in the field you went to school for is such a wonderful feeling. After many months of borderline struggle it is so nice to be looking at this opportunity.

So, Sergio will be moved by next Monday. Rosalind and I will be here for at least the next three months. Come on by and visit anytime as a toddler lacks advanced communication skills and I might need adult conversation every now and again.

If anybody is still out there I would encourage you to check back in more frequently starting next week. I have a feeling the blog might get more attention starting Monday.