Monday, April 26, 2010

Something that entertains her.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What We Did Last Week

Dawn: Last week was Benchmark testing at the middle school. I walked silently around the room for hours every morning with periodic breaks to read the directions verbatim. If I had messed up this routine at all then I could have lost my teaching license. They are a little nutty about these things at the state level. Every afternoon we let the kids have free time at the gym and I used that time to brutally defeat 7th and 8th graders at dodgeball. I take crazy pleasure in beating them. An unhealthy amount of pleasure.

Rosalind: Rosalind learned to clap during patty cake, lost a shoe at daycare, and was so worn out most days that she would take a short nap after I picked her up and then went to bed by 6:30. Our quality time together these days is short. On Friday night she puked like an adult a few times and then woke up the next day with a fever. Otherwise she seems totally happy and healthy. Babies are confusing.

Sergio: I don't really know what Sergio did last week while he was in Helena. Law stuff. Yesterday he and his friends had MAN DAY. MAN DAY was actually Sam's bachelor party. They played golf, went bowling, ate wings, and played shuffleboard. So if you were wondering what happens on MAN DAY it seems to be chock full of slightly drunk competition.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rosalind's First Birthday Party

This is the birthday girl! The hat wasn't a plan of the outfit, but it was a very windy day and her ears seemed to hurt.
Rosalind trying to take part in the gifts a little early.We wanted a cake that was specific to Rosalind's likes and dislikes. She really likes this.
She had her own little smash cake.
And away she goes!Actually, she played with the little pepperoni pieces and then ate the cake really daintily. So we gave her a cupcake with gooey frosting. That got her into the spirit a bit more.So excited she started spreading the cake smashing fun. You can tell I was also excited about this.
About a minute and a half after the party was over.Enjoying her toys after we got home.

Rosalind, you learned how to blow kisses on the actual day of your birthday. You say "hi dad" when we hand you a phone. You walk almost entirely upright like a proper biped now, instead of the orangutan walk you have been sporting. One of our favorite developments has been that when we sing "When you're happy and you know it", you actually clap your hands. You love pizza, grilled cheese, celery, bananas, noodles (because of the awesome slurping), and, well, just about every type of food we put in front of you. Except baby food. You are pretty much over that.
Watching you grow and change over the last year has been amazing. Looking back at all the pictures, your father and I can't quite fathom how small and helpless you once were. Happy birthday, baby girl!