Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Insert Clever Title Here

Hello. How is everyone today? It seems like time to post something new, so after some scrounging in the cobwebby parts of my brain, I have come up with a few things to mention.

First of all, here are some pictures I recieved in the mail last week that made me a helpless puddle of homesick. I wish I had the picture of my brother around this age when he is wearing a little brown and white baby outfit with an embroidered clock on it and looking off in the distance just like this, because they look so much alike. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Missing teeth

David also had his heart surgery this morning and everything went as well as could be hoped. He will be in the hospital for a few more days for recovery, and hopefully everything will continue smoothly. Think good thoughts for him.

In other news, Portland doesn't seem to want anything I have to offer. On Sunday I tried to donate blood and vote and was thwarted at both. Portland makes it so hard to do your civic duty. I was mailed a ballot for the wrong district and didn't have an ID on me for the blood donation, which was a fiasco the whole way through and I eventually had to hide from the Red Cross recruiter.

Someone started a contest on another blog that asks people to try to post everyday in November. I didn't sign up but I think it is an interesting idea. I think we might give it a shot. Be prepared for some really boring posts. There will be more trivia and we expect comments.

It is cold here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mutilation of the Gourd

I really like Halloween, but for several years we have pretty much ignored the whole thing. We don't dress up or go to parties or do much of anything. The other day Sergio picked up this pumpkin while getting some groceries. I think this is the first one we have had since we have been married. We call him Pete. Notice how he can lift one eyebrow just like Sergio.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rule #2: Do Not Urinate into Paper Bag

I keep pestering Sergio to write about his moutain climbing experience or at least post his pictures with some commentary, but no luck yet. In the meantime, I thought I would show you something he brought home from his climb that brings me immeasurable joy.

Click on this to read directions.

These are the directions to the Waste Pack Out kit given to climbers before they begin. This comes in a large ziploc bag along with a paper towel and a brown paper sack filled with...kitty litter. I am sure you have all already realized what this is for, or read the directions, but just in case, this is in order for a person to carry their poo off the mountain with them when they go. The idea of grown people carrying that with them for 13 hours makes me laugh, and even if it didn't the inclusion of kitty litter really gets me.
But the best thing of all? The other side of the directions.

X marks the spot.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Answer is...42. Wait, Different Question.

So here are the answers to the little quiz we put up the other day. Since we did get a good response, we will probably do this again from time to time. Thank you for participating.

1. Brazil ran out of silicone breast implants recently because so many women wanted bigger breasts before the Carnivale festival. We only know this because we watched Discovery Atlas-Brazil the other day.

2. Mt. Adams is the only Cascades mountain named for a President. Hopefully, Sergio will write a post about his Mt. Adams climb sometime soon.

3. Arkansas is ranked 13th in the BCS poll this week.

4. Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia.

5. My full name was Dawn Nichole Baxley, but you still get credit if you missed the H.

6. Pip, Great Expectations.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Questions off the top of my head.

Ok folks I, Sergio, have decided that our friends and family are not commenting nearly enough so I've come up with a short quiz for you all to take, the winner of which gets my thanks and appreciation and nothing more. We'd rather you put something funny than look up the answer and we are really just looking for conversation, though if you don't at least try we may never talk to you again. We'll put up the answers in three days, hurry up.

Pop culture
What country recently ran out of silicone breast implants due to a forthcoming carnivale celebration?
What is the one mountain in the Cascade Mountain Range named for a former president of the US?
What is Arkansas' current ranking in the BCS poll?
In what state was Thomas Jefferson born in?
What was Dawn's full name at birth?
I'm an orphan, I'm English, and I've a financier, who am I?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tire'd and Screw'd

The Flat Tire.

The Culprit.

Spare Hunting.




Our car had a flat on Monday. Sergio pretty much did all the stuff you have to do to change a tire. He took off the tire, hunted everywhere for the jack (very cleverly hidden), read the directions, and whatever other steps were involved. I was very helpful, in case you were wondering. I took all these pictures to show you guys. I also hung my head backwards out of the car window for the ten minute drive to an air pump, trying to decide if our spare was going to go flat too. It was a really pleasant experience, altogether. Does sarcasm come through in a post?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Who's Afraid of a Big White Fish?

THAT-A-WHACK! What is this word? Well it is two things. It is Sergio's favorite word to express a sound, otherwise known as onomotopoeia, and it is also what I think of as the perfect word to describe what the spawning salmon were doing this weekend at the fish hatchery we visited. The poor things worked so hard to fight against the current, only to be dumped unceremoniously into a pool with tall walls that they tried to jump over. Unfortunately, the walls were much too tall, and they would slam wetly into them repeatedly, making the above sound. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. It was also sort of sad because most of them had injuries from hitting walls, ladders and each other. It was also a little depressing knowing that these things were going through all this just to die. But mostly it was funny.
And let me just ask. Have any of you ever seen a 20 year old white sturgeon? Did you know they look like sharks? Enormous, gross, scary fish that should never, ever be in a river or lake with me. Ever.
So, we went on a hike on Sunday and then to the fish hatchery. It was a really nice day and the fish hatchery was a lot of fun. We got a few pictures from the hike, but sadly, not the scary sturgeon or spawning salmon. We also ate six hard boiled eggs because it is a tastier source of protein than those bars.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back Door Stare Down

Eliot's squirrely nemesis. If you have ever called us and struggled to hear over the barking, this is where to place the blame.