Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had some fits and starts with Rolo's costume this year. When we gave up on the puppy and went with the fairy we had some leftover face paint. And so we played with it.
She was not impressed with the pumpkin membrane. She was quite enamored of the knives, though. And the finished pumpkins. "Hi, Punkuns!" Bye bye, Punkuns!"

Sergio and I also attended a costume party. I was a pirate. He was Handy Manny. We think our friend Sam won best costume as assassinated Lincoln. A skinny tall man in a suit with a fake beard and tall hat works out remarkably well.

Monday, October 25, 2010


First up: Homecoming Week. I had a goofy exchange with some of my students where I was adamant that a person could grow cows instead of raise them. A few days later two of my students presented me with the following shirt. Awesome. Then I dressed up like a zombie and did the thriller dance twice in front of hundreds of middle and high schoolers. Luckily I was not alone.

Next up: Pumpkin Patch. We went with our friends and their little boy to a local pumpkin patch. Like a real pumpkin patch where you wander around a field of pumpkins and cut off what you like. Rosalind fell immediately in love with a tiny pumpkin and carried it with her everywhere. For example, in the car, to daycare, in the house, etc.

And last up: Camping. We usually have a yearly date of camping with Sergio's parents in Bull Shoals. We skipped it last year because of overscheduling and cranky baby. This year we made it and got to enjoy some good food and campfires before learning of the burn ban and having to cut it a day short. Still a great time.

Oh! We also just got back from Georgia where I celebrated my ten year class reunion. At first it was awkward, but the addition of some unexpected GA moonshine livened things up a lot. And so now we've tried that. Sorry, no pics because it never even occurred to me. We all still look exactly as young, thin, and pretty as we did in high school. Yup.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Just Where a Baby Belongs!

We took Rosalind to Bikes Blues and Barbecue last night to let her experience that total assault of the senses. She was...bewildered. She repeatedly threw her hands into the air in the universal sign for "I don't know." And before the night was over she just went ahead and said "Iyuknow?" When I asked her if she was confused she answered with a perfectly timed "WHAAT?"

Enjoy this time kiddo because this is the closest to motorcycles your dad and I will ever allow you to be.