Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As Promised

This is me today.  18 weeks and two days.  Some people have told me I am not really showing. Or at least not much.  Let's take a look back, shall we?
This is around 12 weeks, I think.  The first day someone I didn't know asked me if I was pregnant.  A third grader poked my stomach and asked, "You belly big?"
This is the day I took the pregnancy test.  I believe I was just shy of six weeks.  Not showing?  Kiss my rear.  I am going to go wallow in a shallow depression.  

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...


                                                                          Ms. Rosalind Cate!
First picture: face view with some balled up fists and big belly thrown in for good measure.  How cute is that?
Second pic: Sort of from above.  The head is in the right of the screen and the arm is draped across.
Third: That is the foot.  It took a moment to get because SHE was a kickin' fool.  I realize the scan is upside down.  
Fourth:  The most invasive picture we will ever post of our daughter.  It is like she is sitting on the camera.  The four lines are the girly proof.  To the right of the screen you can see the end of her femur bones.  
(click on photos for larger view)

Highlights:  SHE seems to have all of her bits and pieces where they need to go.  Heartrate was 144 today, kidneys, brain, spine, and other measurements all looked good.  As I mentioned, she was kicking and punching with fervor.  She was also opening and closing her mouth so that it looked like she was talking to us.  When she shook her fist and open and closed her mouth it seemed like she was ticked we were invading her privacy.  We are ridiculously thrilled.
I am eighteen weeks today.  She measured to the day and is 7 oz.  Perhaps some belly pics tomorrow.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stuff and Such

We took a quick trip to Fayetteville this weekend so that we could experience fall weather and hang out with friends.  It is getting cooler in Dallas every once in a while, but there are no leaves changing and I have yet to need a jacket.  We had to get out!

Fayetteville was pretty perfect.  The weather was cool, the trees were starting to turn, we tailgated and played with adorable babies (d'oh! No pictures!) and saw some friends we haven't seen since college.  I had absolutely no desire to return to Dallas, I must say.
We also went to this awesome store and bought one of these.  After showing it to everyone we knew and hearing many opinions on whether we would really accomplish cloth diapering we managed to leave the thing in Baby Will's bag!  Luckily we won't be needing it back for a while yet.  

And while we are talking about the pregnancy I should mention that we are having our first (and likely only) sonogram tomorrow.  The goal is to see everything where it should be AND to find out the sex.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that it will cooperate and we can stop calling it "it".  Check back here tomorrow night for an update.  Anyone want to take a guess?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Love Babies........And Football

Obviously this is a Nike commercial and we really like it, so those of you who haven't seen it now should. 
(P.S. I have a legal argument here in case Nike wants to sue me, so watch in good conscience.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is Why You Buy A Small Car

Gas is $2.65 at the station up our street. We waited two weeks to get gas and allowed the gas light to come on. We then drove the car twice more with the light on. Sergio guessed that we would pay $34 to fill up. I said $36.

We paid $28.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sergio Obviously Doing the Shopping

Wine, you ask? Of course not. It is DHA infused pomegranate blueberry juice. Not awesome. We also have DHA infused eggs and milk. And we eat mercury free fish once or twice a week for the DHA and Omega 3's. I also have trail mix into which we added flax seed. Guess why.

If my child has bad eyes and a learning disorder it can't blame my womb...but only because Sergio is mean and forces me to eat funny things.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yakkity Yak

I have been interviewing for a job for well over a month now. In the meantime I have been avoiding writing about the pregnancy on the blog in case this potential employer found the blog and subsequently discovered the pregnancy I had not worked up the nerve to disclose yet. This scenario would never have actually happened and if had it would have likely made little difference, but I like to wallow in paranoia. As of today the potential employer is informed of my "delicate" condition, so let's begin.

"I love being pregnant, I feel so feminine and have so much energy!"
"I can eat whatever I want and it doesn't matter!"
"Pregnancy is wonderful. It is one of the greatest experiences a woman can have."

If you have ever uttered one of the above phrases or a variation thereof, please leave now. I have no use for you. In fact, if I had heard you use one of those lines a few weeks ago you might have ended up in a headlock. Pregnancy is rough. At the beginning when I could only move off of the couch long enough to lay in front of the toilet, I would have said it was the worst thing ever to happen to anyone. I am now highly medicated and will simply call it "rough."

Places I vomited in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy:
My house
My parent's house
Iggy and Sara's house
Sam's apartment
Atlanta Bread Company
Jimmy John's
five strangers yards while walking the dog

If you have never had to make the slow walk from the electronics department in the very back of wal-mart to the bathroom at the very front so that you could then puke so much and so hard that it bounced back out of the toilet to cover your clothes...well, then consider yourself lucky. There is some poetry to the fact that I haven't shopped in a wal-mart in over four years and yet I managed to enter one just long enough to defile the restroom, don'tcha think?
Tomorrow, all the many things that made me vomit in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. And then I promise to move on from the topic of puke.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

In case you were wondering why the blog is so slow lately.

We have just sat in the house all day long! Almost. Sergio went on a run, and we both went to the store for a few quick dinner things, but that is about it. We have been doing this a lot lately. We stay in and watch football. All of the football that there is, or so it seems to me. The deal was that I would watch all of the football without complaint if Sergio would do the same when certain primetime shows came back on. Let's just say that this did not happen and leave it at that. Now during football I watch tv online. Except during the Dallas/Arizona game today. Did anyone else catch all that craziness?

Moving on. There are two place to go in Dallas if you want to be outside. White Rock Lake and the Katy Trail. Guess how many people in Dallas are aware of these places. Go ahead, guess. All of them. Every last human and their pet knows that these are the only two places to be on the weekend if you want to go outside. Now guess how much fun it is to go to these two places. None. Especially White Rock which is so covered with people you can't move and so covered with pets that you can't breathe for the poo smell. The Katy Trail is better, but only three miles long. Boo.

I guess that is it for now. Marvel at our thrilling existence!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Made My Brain Hurt

Hello. How are things? I have been meaning to update for, oh, a while now. The idea of posting makes me...tired. I have the idea of a few posts inside my head, but they all require taking and uploading photos, and that just ain't happenin right now. Neither is good grammar apparently. was I?

An update I guess. Sergio continues to extern. He writes memos and letters and sits in on meetings with lots of other lawyers. He is lead attorney for two cases. You would have to ask him exactly what that entails, but it sounds good either way.

I am a substitute teacher. So far I have done 3rd grade special ed, 4th grade math and science, high school art, algebra II, algebra I, eighth grade math, and US History. It is God's little joke that I keep getting math classes. Every single day I hear children discuss things that should be far too mature for them to understand. I simply ask that they keep the foul language to a whisper so I don't have to acknowledge it. And to please stop discussing their first time at the top of their lungs. Please.

Eliot's rear end is swollen and red again, but not in the same way as last time when he went to the emergency vet. We are hoping that this will miraculously disappear. Any thoughts on what this might be?

My father turned fifty last week. We went to Little Rock for his birthday party. Evidently the fiftieth birthday is that of the jello shot and the raunchy card. Forty was also for the raunchy card, but fifty really went above and beyond. It was actually a very nice and tame party that involved mostly Baggo and lots of food, but the other stuff did make an appearance. Happy birthday, Dad!

Now I need a nap. If you think I am joking, think again.