Thursday, July 20, 2006

Playing Monopoly with Mice

A major hurdle has been jumped in regards to the move. With just two weeks to go, we finally found an apartment. We were to put great thought and consideration into picking this apartment. Then we realized that it is really hard to do those things when you live over 2000 miles away from a place and have never even been there. So we went with the next best option. Take the apartment from the nicest sounding manager, otherwise known as, “the one who called us back.”
So that is what we did, and after much faxing back and forth of paperwork, overnighting of deposits, and stealing of work supplies, we were approved. And that makes the move seem that much more real. We can start imagining where we will put the few belongings we have bothered to keep. Couch - living room, bed - bedroom, boxes packed to the brim with yearbooks, tools, and books - extra bedroom closet. Done. Ok, so that wasn’t exciting, but the prospect of having a roof and the ability to heat and cool food is nice.
Actually we are pretty pleased that we were able to get a decently priced 2-bedroom apartment. This means that all of you have a place to stay when you come out to visit (glaring hint). We will just scoot those overloaded boxes into the corners for you. The apartment is 3 miles from the school and 31/2 from downtown, so even if we find dead bodies in the closets and rats playing monopoly behind the stove, it would be hard to leave such a great location.

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