Sunday, February 18, 2007

M,M,M,My Sharona

We were invited to a screening of Reality Bites with some of the law students on Thursday. It was playing at the Laurelhurst theater. This is one of the pros we had on our pro/con list for moving to Portland. Movie theaters that serve beer and pizza (and wine, popcorn, candy, and soda), and play whatever movie strikes their fancy. I can't believe it took us nearly seven months to make it to this type of place, but we will be going back often. Can you do better than a $3 movie, a meal you can enjoy while you watch, and a show that the audience knows so well that nobody cares when people get up to buy more beer or speak to the screen. No you can't do better.
Actually of the eight of us that were there, only the three girls had seen the movie. We were appalled that none of the guys had seen this work of art that defined at least some small part of our preteen years. At least now the men know the wonder that is Ethan Hawke delivering cheesy lines in a cloud of chain smoke. I know they were dying to mark that off their life goal list.

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