Sunday, April 15, 2007


We are rather busy right now studying either the law or peasant women in Medieval Europe, depending on which of us you are talking about. Either way, there is no time for a coherent post, so here are some updates in list form.

1. Sergio starts finals again in just a couple of weeks. He doesn't seem to be looking forward to that at all.

2. In my International Politics class, I am Israel. This means that at any point I can get called on to speak about Israel, and I am supposed to know something about it. For one hour three days a week, I am once again a nervous, sweaty, fingernail biting third grader in math class. What do you think the chances are that I will get through the quarter without being called on?

3. Eliot met his first bully at the dog park on Friday. Anyone know how to teach a dog to stand up for himself? Canine Krav Maga, maybe?

4. Sergio pointed out to me last week that the black dress shoes I bought for a last minute interview eight months ago, are actually one black shoe and one navy blue shoe. I have been wearing these shoes a couple of times a week for nearly a year and never noticed.

5. Along that same line, twice in the last couple of months we have found full containers of ice cream in the refrigerator where I placed them the night before. It makes me want to cry, all that perfectly good ice cream going to waste.

6. I feel like Sergio needs another update. He is asleep on the couch right now. Also, he shaved his beard last week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Your lives seem very busy and yet very interesting. Keep up the good work both of you. Did Elliot fight with the bully?

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

You are Israel? I could give you a few pointers but I think it would just be ammunition for others to critiscise! I hope you are both really well and I promise to send an email soon to plan meeting up xx Louisa