Sunday, May 06, 2007

Two Quick Things

Because we are nearly 25 years old and have never owned our own home, we sometimes feel the need to do funny things. Like build our own box to house our own oompost pile. I think it fills a hole in our poor apartment dwelling souls that would normally be filled with things like painting walls or hanging curtains. Last weekend we bought some supplies and then sawed and hammered away on our back patio (a great way to pay back the upstairs neighbors for their second jobs as rap music producers, and no I am not joking). We came up with this.

Why a compost pile? Because it is good for the environment, our garbage disposal, and our three herb plants.

Also, we got caught in a storm the other day. We were...giddy seems accurate. It was the first time we have heard thunder in 9 months. I wanted it to last the whole afternoon and go home and sleep on the couch. It did not last, but it was fun for the whole ten minutes it was around. The not so great side of storms in Portland is the hail. It hails all the time here. Evidence...

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Anonymous said...

you guys did a good job. I wonder if it will get really stinky and mildew.