Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crampons is a Funny Word

Phew! I feel like we haven't sat down this month. The blog has suffered. We tried to post some silly movies to make up for it, but didn't even have the energy to find a way to fix them when we heard they didn't work for everyone. Apologies.

So what's new with us, you ask? Oh, you didn't ask? Too bad.

I taught on Friday. It was just ok. I was more like a substitute than the teacher. It didn't help that the subject was Islam and on the days my mentor taught I was taking notes thinking, "Wow, I didn't know that!" I have a feeling this will be my general state of mind for the next few years. I am also learning all the joys and terrors of a boxed curriculum. So far, mostly terrors. And if anyone knows how to work one of those machines that you stick a paper under and then it projects the negative on the wall, let me know. I spent ten minutes talking about and marking a piece of paper that the students were too polite to tell me was upside down and crooked. PowerPoint from here on out. Or maybe the trusty overhead machine.

It is raining again in Portland. We had a really lovely fall, and there have been plenty of sunny days, but the rain is settling in slowly. Our fireplace has come in handy many times already. We learned there is a limit on how many roasted marshmallows a person can consume before they either never want to look at another one, or their fingers become glued together. Whichever comes first. Another thing about food. A long time ago we mentioned that we tried Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. We made it sound all scary. I would like to report that we now eat Pho (the proper name) at least once a week. I wish that we could let you all try it and know the wonder that is Pho. It might be the world's most perfect food. Everyone come here and try it. Now!

And finally...this blog has become a total coming of age thing what with all the marriages and reminiscing. Well, two among us have reached a whole new level of adulthood. And before any of you get carried away, it is not Sergio and me. We are still stalling out here at base camp of Mt. Adult. Congratulations Iggy and Sara on the impending addition to your family. Rest easy knowing Uncle Sergio and Aunt Dawn are already compiling a list of all the things we are going to teach Iggy or Sara Jr. about life. Much of which we learned the hard way, alongside the two of you! Oh, and Sara, if you are interested I can direct you to lots of good midwife blogs that have both homebirth videos and recipes for placentas! Just let me know.


Sara Scott said...

Iggy and I are touched that you consider our new addition to be blog worthy! We're looking forward to hearing more about what you're planning on teaching the baby...we think! Hope all is well and to see you soon!Take care of each other and tell Elliot hello!

Anonymous said...

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