Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gold Stars for Me

Further evidence that I inadvertently began Kindergarten instead of a grad program.

Today I played with glitter, glue, beads, sugar skeleton heads, and brightly colored frosting all in the name of literacy. We were celebrating The Day of the Dead and it was a lot of fun, but still.

Last week we were asked to creatively present our day shadowing a 7th grader. Some people danced, some did powerpoint, and others made shadow boxes. I resorted to the tried and true haiku on construction paper. Wanna see?

7th Grade in Haiku

Her Homeroom is math.
Failure, Agony – not hers.
Absolute Values!

Social Studies, Yay!
Abraham’s polygamy,
Foundation for faiths.

Young girl, Alto, sings
“Joshua, Oh Joshua”
Soloist off-key.

EnseƱame, Dawn
Donde es el Ciudad
De Ensenada?

How long is this day?
Where is their nap? Where is mine?
Where is the bathroom?

What system is that?
It’s cardiovascular.
Science is Power!

Writing about games
They used to play, and still do.
One Page, single-spaced.

Graduate school is
Easier than middle school.
I have time for naps.

Go Cougars!

Make fun, but this is A-worthy work. You wish your school was like this, admit it.

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Shelley said...

This makes me sad.
Because I am jealous.