Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So we don't post for two weeks and then when I do it is just to whine about being left on hold for 40 minutes (it took 48 1/2 minutes to reach someone, if you were curious). Partly we aren't posting because we are lame, and partly because we are busy with boring things and have no internet anyway. I am currently in a coffee shop downtown applying for jobs online and waiting for a transcript scan to upload. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, I only have a couple of minutes, but I wanted to say hi and that you should check back and hear all about:

My best friend's wedding (not the movie)

How I still don't fit into the small town I partially grew up in and still have the ability to make grown men that I barely know yell at me for being a "naive little girl" since I don't believe Obama is the antichrist. How dare I?!

How a poodle behaves when he finds four miniature chocolate bars in the bottom of a gift bag that I forgot all about. LIke he is on speed. That is how he acts. Except it is really sad and not funny like it sounds like it might be.

How Sergio and I played trivia at a bar with some friends and thought we did really well but ended up third to last.

and finally, how Sergio and I finally saw an Adam Sandler movie we just didn't like much at all.

So check back. We'll do better. We promise. And if not, we will at least post movie reviews sometime.


Shelley said...

Don't waste your time on a basketball playing Will Ferrell movie either. Not that we thought it would be award winning, but maybe slightly entertianing like movies are supposed to be. TERRIBLE.

Shelley said...

excuse the misspellings.