Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Letter #2

Dear Rosalind,

You reached 37 weeks yesterday.  Technically full term.  According to the lady who teaches our Bradley class it would not be ideal to have you this early.  She brings up these nagging little things like continued brain and lung development.  Pshh.  

I say let's go for it!  

This isn't a selfish desire either.  Really.  Two days ago your father and I went to eat and I didn't realize until after the meal that my shirt no longer came close to fitting.  Not only was the three inch elastic band on my maternity pants in full view, but so were a couple of inches of my stomach.  And yesterday I was teaching a small part of a class while being observed for feedback when an enormous burp escaped while I read part of a story.  Classy.  

And the longer you wait to arrive the less I am going to care about my own manners.  So you should think about coming out anytime after Saturday.  I am busy on Saturday.  It isn't for me. It is for all the innocent bystanders out there.  


Der Fanatiker said...

So exciting. Like graduation for Sergio and I, you never really think it's actually going to happen when all of a sudden it's HERE. P.s. Love the idea of you burping mid-sentence in class.

Anonymous said...

37 weeks already! I'm sorry, I should watch what I say. I know from experience that when people tell you that it doesn't seem like you have been pregnant that long or that you can wait until 40 weeks you just want to SCREAM!!! (or atleast I did) I'm ready to see her. I'm so curious to see who she will look like and see her little toes!!

Her Favorite Aunt-