Thursday, July 09, 2009

Baby's First Cold

Shockingly there is no place in the baby book for the first cold.  We all have it.  We just woke up yesterday with a family cold.  Fun.  

Rosalind is alternately a floppy rag doll or a WRATH BABY!  Floppy rag doll is interesting. Rosalind can't be said to be a cuddly baby on a normal day but she kind of is right now.  Angry WRATH BABY is no fun for anyone.  You can see her confusion as she cries because  her throat hurts and then cries harder because the cry made her throat hurt.  Rinse, Repeat.  

What is it with baby thermometers?  We broke down and bought a fancy forehead scanning thermometer because our two less fancy ones were difficult and inaccurate.  This one is fast, easy to use, and still probably inaccurate.  Oh well.  

One thing I can tell from this experience is that everyone should find a safe place to hide when Rosalind begins teething.  She seems to take being in pain really personally.  How dare the universe inconvenience her!

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Anonymous said...

I hope she feels a little bit better today, and the two of you as well, I know that sleep is hard to come by when the baby is sick.