Sunday, October 04, 2009

Small Town Football

This week was the school's homecoming. I have never been on the teaching end of high school homecoming. Early in the week I decided to stay relaxed and laid back which proved to be the right choice. By Friday I had only six seniors per class as they were all practicing band, cheerleading, or working on the float.
Another new aspect of the teaching end of homecoming was the "teacher skit" during the pep rally. One of the football coaches recorded a great little song entirely about our specific team and about eight of us teachers performed a dance to it. He rapped it while the other two coaches were his back up "posse." It seemed to go over quite well at the pep rally. The only thing that topped it was the pie in the face competition. The teacher that received the most money in the jar got a pie in the face. I apparently made it into the top few, but lost out to the cheerleading coach/math teacher. She is the perfect combination of loved/hated.
Friday turned out to be a gorgeous early fall day. The perfect football weather. I had promised some students repeatedly that I would go to the game. Sergio and I put Rosalind in her purple Elks finest and went. Other than being a bit on the cold side, it was storybook small town football. Sergio only slightly yelled at a rude fan once. It was justified. Most of my students fawned all over Rosalind. We won.
Teaching is not a bad gig.

All dressed up for the game.

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Nikki said...

I love Rosalind's new fall wardrobe. From her latest blog picture, it seems that she's already mastered the "I didn't do anything; I am perfectly innocent" face. Be prepared.