Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Body, Baby, Burnout

Sergio and I joined a gym about three weeks ago. We didn't have enough internal motivation to stop expanding our pant sizes, so we spent money and signed a contract. We work better with external motivation. We are still trying out different workouts and routines and classes to see what works best for us now. This method pretty much guarantees that we wake up every morning with a newmuscle group so sore that we can't move or our legs give out. In fact, the second day in the gym my arm cramped in a place I would have sworn contained no muscles. Sergio and I both tried desperately to stretch the cramp out, but could neither one determine exactly where it was or how to reach it through stretching. That was less than fun. What is also less than fun is the fact that so far I have put on two pounds. I understand the whole muscle = weight thing, but weight gain is definitely discouraging.
I also bought a couple of rounds in a tanning bed. Don't gripe at me. I realize I am very pale and they are very dangerous. But I have developed eczema on my FACE! And prescription medication only helped it to a point. So I bought a few rounds in the tanning bed to see if it helps. The answer seems to be...a little...temporarily. However, in the wise words of one of my students, "Mrs. Barron, if you can't tone it, tan it." So I will finish out the last few appointments and then switch to spray tanning.
In the interest of full disclosure, the day after I wrote that Rosalind is a sweet kid and doesn't get much timeout, she totally got timeout at daycare for whacking another kid in the head with an elephant toy. Her kindness has it's limitations I guess.
And lastly, when I was getting my Master's we were told that about 75% of our class would burn out by year five. And I think this week has shown me exactly how that happens. It isn't the annoying kids or the rude parents or the nice parents that are accidentally overbearing or the long hours or the grading of papers or even the crazy ever-changing government mandates. It is being a Junior class sponsor and having to throw prom. This Saturday at 11:15 pm you can find me in the closest bar to my school having a drink as big as my head. Prom planning can suck it.

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