Monday, July 18, 2011

My 26th birthday...for the 4th time.

One of Sergio's talents is planning parties/gifts. Now, he only really gives parties and gifts to Rosalind and I now, and my nieces and nephews at Christmas, but I knew him even before we dated and saw what he gave former girlfriends, and he was good even then. It's a little distressing because I am never able to match it for his birthday. In fact, last year I was really proud of myself for arranging for our friends to all go to dinner and ordering a Boston Creme Pie. I honestly don't remember if there were any other parts to his birthday. He makes gift giving really hard, so I can't take the blame for that one. For example, a week before Father's Day he texted me that he had bought some shoes and that would just be his gift. What am I supposed to do with that?

Anyway, the point of all of that is to say that Friday was my birthday. Sergio planned a birthday that was targeted exactly at me. We went to a friends house for drinks and dinner, while watching the first part of the last Harry Potter movie (as none of our friends had seen it). My friend Nikki provided yummy...I can't spell the correct term so we'll go with...appetizers. Sergio had gotten sliders and mac n cheese (the best on the planet) catered from one of our favorite restaurants. Then he brought out the cake he had specially designed for me. It's the tiny details, like the dot in the date, that show just how much he thought about it. Apparently he also considered buying me some Potter gear to wear to the movie that night, but luckily chickened out. I'm not so much for the dressing up.

We arrived at the 10 pm showing of Harry Potter 3D at 9 pm. We were the last people inside the doors in the line that had already formed. That put us in the first third of the line. People are crazy. We got good seats and the movie was great.

So, yeah, I kind of like my birthdays to resemble those of pre-teens, but the fact that others will join me for that shows I have a good husband and good friends.

P.S. I also really appreciated all the texts, e-cards, and Facebook messages. It made cheer camp go by faster to have new stuff to read all day. Have I mentioned I am coaching Jr. High Cheer this year?

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