Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A movie review

We watched “Everything is Illuminated” last week and are just now getting around to posting about it but not because it wasn’t good, it very much was. Really I’m just lazy. Anyways, this is a very interesting film and at least in the movie version this is a story driven by the often over the top and always strange characters in it. The cast includes a compulsive collector, a Ukrainian hip hopper, a blind driver, and any number of the dapper looking Ukrainians that pepper this film with bad teeth and bad attitudes.

The film is worth seeing for lots of reasons but not least of which is the song “everybody wear purple” that plays at the ending credits, it’s fantastic.

I can’t add much to Sergio’s take. I felt the same way about the film. I thought it was quirky and comical, and then quietly sad. It stuck with me for a little while after we turned it off, and for me, that is a sign of a good movie. I think Alex the Ukrainian hip-hopper and “premium dancer” stood out the most for me. I loved his broken English.

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