Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Night Boxing

De La Hoya VS. Mayorga; the boxer VS. the puncher, the Golden Boy VS. the chain smoking thug. And yes I fell victim to the odds makers tonight, I placed a paltry sum on Mayorga. I knew it wasn't rational, it wasn't a good idea but it would have paid so well. In the end De La Hoya did boxing a favor and took it out of the judges hands and TKO'd Mayorga in the 6th, in an impressive show of power and patience he simply outclassed Mayorga. I whinnied in joy, it is the Kentucky Derby weekend after all, Dawn involuntarily clapped, and my friend and fellow bettor Ryan lamented as our bad bet went down; it was a good fight, one sided though it was.

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Louisa said...

I'm bloody awful at the whole 'blog' thing but I thought I'd add a comment...hmmm boxing.....feel I should object in the interests of being peace loving and all but it would probably be pretty funny. Glad to see you are preparing for the move. Things good (well...) over in the Jerusalem area, well - haven't heard gunshots for a while so that must be a bonus! Sending oodles of love and all.. Louisa