Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Three Years and Running Analogies Into the Ground

Our marriage is now the equivalent of an older toddler. One that is learning to use whole sentences correctly and attempting to run for the first time. We have learned enough now that sometimes we get it right and our sentences might sound something like this, "the pretty horse is running." But other times we might get too excited or angry and it could come out along these lines, "bad horsey make sparkly hair feet." If we aren't concentrating too hard on how things are going, we can even coordinate our feet to run for whole seconds at a time, but overthink things and we become that child that just isn't "quite right" picking both feet up at once, tongue poking out the side of our mouth in concentration. Not pretty. The great thing about being three is that we are no longer an easily breakable infant or an often frustrating two year old.

Our marriage is three, but overall we are about six. I didn't start there though because looking back on dating I would compare it to a sixteen year old who was left at home alone for the weekend with a credit card and the keys to the liquor cabinet.

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