Saturday, September 01, 2007

Do Not Fill in the Blanks, Please

I hesitated to post this picture the other day in the big group of other pictures, because I specifically wanted to talk about this one. I also meant to ask our friends for a copy of a similar picture from Reeanna's wedding that does not include me, Seth, Courtney, or (Trainer) Matt, but does include (Cajun) Matt, Bryson, Kelly, and Iggy. I never got around to asking for this picture, so we are going to go with our imaginations. Don't worry about it if you don't know the faces to match these names. It isn't important for our purposes here. These pictures are known as the "Pomfret Pictures" and if you put them both together, you have a pretty good chunk of the group from freshmen year in Pomfret dorm. Even if we weren't all close friends at the time, we were all there and we all hung out.

The thing that keeps bringing me back to these pictures again and again is the photographic proof that we are all adults. Or at least well on our way. Those people beside us in the pictures, a lot of them are married, some of them are planning for kids already, and most of them have jobs that make my eyes glaze over because the titles are three paragraphs long yet I still can't figure out what it is they actually DO at work. They have titled jobs! It still floors me.

But that isn't the most amazing thing about these gatherings. The most incredible thing is that we are all there at all. Why? Well, here are some samples of conversations we had recently,
"Do you remember when _________ used to ________ a ________ of ________ every weekend?"
"Do you remember that time when _______ got ________ and had to go the hospital for ________ because he ________ his _______?
"Do you remember when _______ had to pull _______ from ________ ________ after he _________?
"Do you remember that time _______ got so ______ she lost her _______ at the _______ _______? ***
"Remember how ______ always _______ when she ________?

I think these are referred to as the good old days.

Seriously though, we were all pretty good kids. The fact is, we were just kids who went through a fun and formative time together. I hope that in seven more years I look back at this picture and realize how we were all still babies in this picture as I compare it to all of our friends who still get together for something a football game or dinner.

***Upon rereading this sentence I see that it could look more incriminating than it is. The answer is "she lost her shoe's"

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