Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'd Like to Buy the World... a Free Wifi Connection

We have no internet at our house right now, which is why we haven't been posting. It is hard to come up with a post while you are sitting in a freezing car in the parking lot of a grocery store using their wifi. Even if we had been posting it would have been boring and full of stories of writing papers and going to class. And I would post more now, but I am getting the stink eye and an occasional not so subtle sigh from Sergio for monopolizing the computer.

Recent thoughts:

It hasn't rained in Portland nearly as much this year, but has been quite cold. We are not equipped for the cold.

Oregon is not part of Super Tuesday. Drat.

Sergio having class until ten three nights a week was dreadful, so he switched a class and will now be teaching law to high schoolers once or twice a week. He just wants to be like me.

The day you tell middle schoolers they will no longer be taught by their regular teacher, but instead by you, they will flip out and become pure evil for at least one day. It was frightening.

Uh oh, another stink eye and drawn out sigh.

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