Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dispatches from A bakery At the End of the World, Not Really, Actually From a Bakery by the Mall We Like

We are internet-less again. I would complain more but my friend Louisa just sent me a message from East Timor saying she is really enjoying her new job despite the fact that there is a 10 pm curfew ever since the President of that country was shot, and contracting malaria is still a real possibility. So...yeah...I guess I won't complain that I can't find free internet in my house right now.

It wouldn't have mattered much anyway. I am very busy. I am sure Sergio is too, but how would I know since I don't have time to ask him? I wanted to post on Thursday because that was our 4th anniversary. Last year on our anniversary I told you that our marriage was like a toddler. I guess this year we are in Pre-K. That is about as far as I can take that comparison this time as my brain is a little fried from the test I spent over half of my Saturday taking. Four Years. Everyday I feel a little more like an adult. I would feel all the way like an adult if we hadn't missed daylight savings time and been late for everything last monday. It's those small things that prove we still can't function without calls from out moms.

Sergio deserves recognition for totally making our anniversary nice this year. On wednesday he made me a really nice dinner and had a fire and stuff, and then on Thursday he sent me a fancy box full of fancy salamis (from Salumi in Seattle) and cheeses and chocolate. The eating of the contents of that basket was a gift for both of us, which was good, since I didn't do a thing for our anniversary except remember that it was that day. Cold, I know.

What else? How about a picture? Let me see what I've got.

Just under four years ago.

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Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary!

I guess Landon and I are around 3rd grade. Just learning enough to be dangerous.