Sunday, March 09, 2008

Important Goals We Only Spent Ten Minutes Thinking About

Some other blog I read, I can't remember which right now, listed 100 things she wants to do before she goes. Or rather, what would you be surprised that you had not done if you died at a nice old age. She seemed to think it was worthwhile to do, and so do I. We only did fifty today in no particular order.

25 of Mine:
1. Adopt old dogs and let them run around on my farm
2. Have a farm
3. Travel to Europe with Sergio
4. Visit every continent
5. Have a kid or two
6. Knit something wearable
7. Snowboard
8. Run a marathon
9. Keep my house clean two weeks in a row
10. Own a home
11. Live in a place for more than a year with Sergio
12. Have a job for more than a year
13. Have a fulfilling job
14. Sleep in a Yurt
15. Visit every state
16. Have financial stability
17. Eat a bug (knowingly)
18. Learn how to play chess
19. Finish a New York Times crossword puzzle
20. Donate money to my local NPR affiliate instead of change the station during money drive time
21. Learn how to design a website
22. Design a website
23. Read Moby Dick...I guess
24. Ride an air boat in the swamp
25. Attend a Renaissance festival

Now 25 of Sergio's:
1. Get a real job
2. Own a home
3. Run for political office
4. Win a race for political office
5. Run an adventure race
6. Go backpacking for a week or more
7. Really learn Spanish
8. Grow a huge beard
9. Visit Europe with Dawn
10. Have a farm
11. Fulfill my evolutionary obligation
12. Go to la tomatina
13. Learn to spell
14. Go to an Oktoberfest in a small village in Germany
15. Learn to cook well
16. Become a wood wright
17. See the end of reality tv
18. See the return of Futurama
19. Live abroad for at least a year
20. Eat a thousand year old egg
21. Have a beer in a Belgian monastery
22. Have dinner at the White House
23. Learn to play golf
24. Help my parents and in-laws retire
25. Jumanji

Anybody want to share some of theirs?


Anonymous said...

1. Have grandchildren
2. Travel abroad
3. Make great cheese
4. Learn to cook, well.
5. Make an Afgan , correctly
6. Truly care for people
7. Be a true follower of Jesus
8. Give completely
9. Make a garden that actally grows
10.Learn to play a musical instrument
11.Clean my house and like it
12.Control my temper
13.Be content with growing old
14.Learn to eat things I raise
15.Go to Jeruselum(?)
16.Learn Hebrew
17.Be close with my brothers and sisters
18.Think positive
19.Camp more with my son and daughter-in-law
21.Be a better wife
22.listen more, talk less
23.Be a midwife
24.Judge myself, not others
25.At least do some of these things.


Shelley said...

Here are a few of mine:
1. Play tennis at 3.5 level
2. Go to all four grandslam tournaments
3. Take my nephews to Disneyworld
4. Help my mom buy whatever vehicle she wants
5. Go to Europe with Landon
6. Learn German
7. Move to another country (at least for a little while)
8. Find the perfect job
9. Adopt more animals
10. Volunteer more
11. Donate more
12. Try new things
13. Being OK if I’m not the best at them
14 Be a better person