Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Did You Know Area = Length x Width? I Had No Clue

Somewhere around the ninth grade I finally figured out division.  Not in math class either.  I was on my second round of pre-algebra at that point and I spent most of my class time writing terrible short stories that were most likely slightly disturbing.  Angst and all.  Anyway, I don't remember learning anything in that class at all, but at some point that year I wrote out a long division problem and solved it successfully out of boredom.  
In the last three weeks I have learned my times tables.  Yes, I could multiply before, but I never had need to spout off all my threes in a row, or my nines.  In fact, for the first time in my life I can do my nines without using my fingers.  I am sure my second grade teacher would be proud.  I know I nearly caused her head to explode at the time.   
And now I am assisting in a 5th grade math class trying desperately to hide the fact that math still makes me hyperventilate.  How is that going?  Last thursday I leaned over to the 10 year old on my right and asked how you find perimeter before leaning to the ten year old on my left and explaining how to do so.  

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Shelley said...

Don't feel bad...I would be so lost. I think I could teach science better than straight up math. I would just avoid any science that deals with math...we'd study zoology.