Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Reasons We Do What We Do

I just spent about a half hour casting aimlessly about the internet trying to find something to post today.  I was hoping to find some sort of topic I could put my own spin on or just steal outright (like a game to link, not a post to plagiarize, sheesh).  But I didn't find anything that would work. Bummer.  
We went to our monthly midwife check up today.  I love going to a midwife.  We walk in for our appointments and I go straight to the bathroom where I check my own urine and weigh myself. After that we might chat with the office manager, who is two weeks more pregnant than me, or we might go right in with the midwife.  No waiting.  We see different midwives every time so we can get used to everyone.  It is nice because when I call to ask a question I can talk to anyone.  Half the time I just ask the office manager because she knows every detail of our pregnancy, too.  It is all very personal and cozy.  Our appointments generally only take about ten minutes anymore.  Measure the stomach, listen to the heartbeat, ask/answer a few questions.  All of this is reason enough to choose a midwife over a doctor, at least for us.  None of these reasons is why we originally sought out a midwife, though.  I'll save that for another day since I need to stretch a little material over the whole month of November.
I learned today that I have to begin eating two eggs a day.  Great.

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