Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Thing a Focus is Largely Plastic

We aren't very big fans of Dallas. Some of this comes from our own interests, opinions, or pretensions. Some of it is entirely based on reality. For instance, Dallas is full of terrible drivers. Blatantly, unapologetically terrible. We have already seen four or five bikers being checked over by paramedics after being hit by a car. We never saw this in our whole two years in Oregon, where there were far more bikers. Most days on my way to work I have to veer around one or two cars that are traveling the wrong way on a one way street. I would say I count at least ten narrowly avoided wrecks everyday on my way to or from work. I wish I could say I am exaggerating.

So it was only a matter of time, I guess.

Yesterday Sergio slowed down for a yellow light and got hit. The other driver immediately took the blame saying Sergio was a better driver than he expected. He had swerved into the lane behind him thinking they would run the light. Oops. I think only here could safe driving instigate an accident.

There are two things about this wreck that make me happy. One, Sergio wasn't on his bike. Two, I have been growing more and more paranoid about having an accident in this city once the baby comes. Hopefully now the odds are on our side that we won't have another before we move. But we got a good car seat just in case.


Shelley said...

If it makes you feel better...I've been rear-ended FOUR times in the last FIVE years.

None of them my fault. Three in LR and one in Shreveport. I see dumb people everywhere.

Der Fanatiker said...

So move back! We want you back here and Dallas sucks.

Iggy said...

If you need a good personal injury attorney, I think I might know one! lol.