Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Portrait's of a Lady Growing Up

We have been in Fayetteville for one week and we have been busy.  We have gone to the Farmer's Market, Rick's Bakery twice, the Joe Martin Stage Race, had sushi and gelato on Dickson with friends, had a baby shower, fixed a friend's broken garbage disposal twice, and introduced the baby to Hooters, Common Grounds, and the Brew Pub.  This is more than in the last three years combined.  

And on an unrelated but happy note, Sergio got his final two grades from school.  He is officially finished with Law School.  Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

Oh my....She has gotten so big!!! We can't wait to see her this weekend!!!

Daniel, Amanda, Samantha, David and Emma

Der Fanatiker said...

Two things. One, a big HUZZAH to Sergio for finishing law school. Second, you guy's officially decided to emigrate from TX and back to AK?