Monday, August 03, 2009

Now With Words...But Just a Few

After what seemed like an eternity filled with studying Sergio finally took the Bar Exam last week. If it felt like an eternity to me then I can only imagine what it felt like to Sergio. Though it was a really useful excuse when, say, the baby was crying, or needed a bath, or woke up in the middle of the night.
"But I need to study!"
And I was all set to let him take over some of the baby night duties when he up and got a temporary associate position in the legal department of the largest retailer in the world (yes, we are aware of the irony of him getting this position). So, no night duties for Sergio.
Which brings us to our first (and probably only) visit to a daycare today. It is a little privately run place in a cute bungalow off the square. Only about ten or twelve kids and the first one we saw was running around in a cloth diaper. We had been worried some of the chain daycares wouldn't look too kindly on cloth. It felt like a good place and I think we are going to start her off going one day a week to get used to it. Then when I start substitute teaching or (fingers crossed) get a real teaching job eventually, she will go full time.
There was a time the thought of leaving her for more than an hour or so was almost crippling, but now we both seem ready. She gets bored if it is just the two of us all day, and I can't seem to get much done with her around. I am also hoping someone more strong-willed than me can get her to take a nap all alone and on a regular schedule. My goals in life have shrunk considerably.


Department of Surgery said...

Congrats Sergio - I'm glad that's over for you guys! I was wondering how the daycare thing would go after staying home with her so long, but that sounds like a great place. She'll be so happy to be with other kids. Just be prepared for sickness...but at least she'll build immunity now instead of kindergarten!

Department of Surgery said...

Ignore the department of surgery....thing. I created one for the dept. and now manage two blogs. I forgot to fix that. HA!