Thursday, January 07, 2010

Because We Are Gluttons for Punishment

This is Greta. She is a Mini poodle/Australian Shepherd mix. An Aussiedoodle. We have her because it is hard to say no to a coworker when they offer you a free dog with free shots. It's a good thing she's so crazy cute.
She thinks Rosalind is the greatest toy ever. Rosalind is not so sure yet about Greta because Greta hasn't figured out yet not to jump in her face. We'll get there. Eliot seems pleased so far, if a little befuddled.


Department of Surgery said...

Wow! What a house full! Very cute though! Is Eliot full blooded? He's adorable...I wouldn't mind having an Eliot.

Department of Surgery said...

Sorry...still haven't changed my log in.


Anonymous said...

Eliot is a full-blooded mini poodle. Dawn