Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Forgot We Used To Do Posts That Didn't Involve Rosalind!

Up ♣♣♣½
Another in the line of Wall-E and The Incredibles. Visually entertaining enough for kids, but the story is really for the adults. We liked it.

Up In The Air ♣♣♣
Nice to watch but I haven't given it much thought since. I don't know what that says about it, but I am sure it says something.

Inglourious Basterds ♣♣♣
Really entertaining. Sergio kind of wanted the characters to be more developed, but overall we thought it was a good watch. Honestly, not nearly as gory as I expected.

Land of the Lost ♣
This movie made my three yr old nephew squeal in delight whenever dinosaurs were on screen, and my 9 yr old niece was pretty into it from the beginning. Then the movie would randomly jump into sex jokes and profanity. It felt like the movie wasn't at all sure who the primary audience was supposed to be and so didn't cater to one or the other enough.

Julie and Julia ♣♣♣
I thought it was really good at first, slow toward the end. I don't know if an interest in both food and blogging add to the enjoyment of this movie. Someone else would have to tell me.

Two Days in April ♣♣½
A documentary about the NFL draft. Sergio and my dad were very into this. It made me sad.

Ballerina ♣♣½
It is remarkably hard to rate documentary. I tend to have no expectations going in. This was one about Russian ballerinas. It was good. What's not to like?

We stream netflix to the tv so our documentary watching has gone up considerably lately.

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