Sunday, May 09, 2010

The First Thing Sergio Does When He Becomes Insured.

Sergio and I became convinced during my pregnancy that I was not meant to carry children. Most people believe that once you have a child you conveniently forget how horrible it all was and you will want another one in a couple of years. I am sure that is true to some extent, but some pregnancies, labors, and first two months with a refluxy baby are harder to overcome than others. And lest this reasoning makes you nervous, let me assure you that we revisited the discussion constantly. Long after we discovered that we had the world's most perfect child and had the ability to create more, we still didn't want to. We decided we just wanted to do everything in our power for this one kid and so...Sergio went on Friday afternoon for a vasectomy.
Maybe this is more information than you guys need, but Sergio asked me to write this post after we did a little research into the subject. People have quite an idea about this whole procedure. In fact, the research was superfluous. Our friends reactions to it were enough. Insert loss of manhood joke here. So let me just say, it took less than a half hour (including the paperwork), he found the tape worse than any shots, punctures, or clips, and he walked out on his own looking as though he had received no more than a teeth cleaning. Other than a little rest on the couch with a strategically placed icepack it has not changed much about our weekend. We don't begrudge people their experiences with excessive pain, blood, or swelling, but for the record, that has definitely not been our experience.
After having lived through my pregnancy and labor with me, Sergio needed no convincing to take responsibility for this part. Not having to pay twice the price for a far more invasive procedure or ever having to worry about daily birth control ever again is a perfect Mother's Day present. The new iPod Nano was also lovely. It is orange.
Happy Mother's Day!

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