Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snippets of Conversation

One of my professors once lamented that people no longer have meaningful conversations because cell phones keep people in constant contact and they no longer have time to experience events they would later relate in person. He didn't carry a cell phone at all. Sergio and I choose to carry Blackberries, our friends all have iPhones. This means that we not only have the ability to speak and text, but also to email, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype if we so choose. Here is a brief segment of the roughly 100 emails we sent each other yesterday.

Sergio: I'm watching Maury, the lie detector results are in.
Dawn: I think I've seen that one.
Sergio: Turns out they were lying.
Dawn: Now comes the paternity tests.
Sergio: The last slide in the PowerPoint was Oneonta Gorge.
Dawn: That should make it easier to sit there and not wish you were somewhere else!
Sergio: Motivation fail.
Dawn: Does it help if I remind you how cold it was?
Sergio: Not really, it's hot in here. Come rescue me. Be my knight in shining armor.
Dawn: Stupid work always getting in the way of gallantry.
Sergio: Good Sir Dawn and her trusty stead Eliot with the help of her giant simpleton Rosalind travel to the delta to rescue Dame Sergio who is being held captive by a corporate trainer.
Dawn: Rolo the Giant isn't here so I don't think that will work.

I just don't see what that Prof meant at all!

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