Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear 16 Month Old Rosalind,

I was still in the bed when I took this picture, but barely. Thank heavens you don't actually like to sleep in bed with us or I think I would have permanent neck trouble. The important thing about this picture though is your incredible WING SPAN!
I have noticed that other babies younger than you are getting long hair finally. You continue to get more and more hair, but it tends to go upward. I don't know how long it will go up before it goes down, but I am enjoying the show in the meantime.
This is not a picture of time-out, but I feel I should point out that you are in time-out regularly lately little Ms. Attitude. You don't like time-out but you do have a tendency to do whatever action it is that is forbidden and then go sit in time-out before we can put you there. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of this disciplinary tactic.
You have been fighting any sort of nap that does not take place in a crib. You are kind of habitual that way. So we have had some wing ding fits lately that then result in a total battle with sleep. This is you in the car with your head in your hands moaning slightly. It was as though you had just lost a fortune in the stock market and didn't know how to go home and tell the kids there would be no supper.

Other things of note -
We have started a very lax potty training regime in which you are rewarded with Reese's Pieces. We have had more success than I expected so far, but it is hard to tell if you like the candy or the flushing the toilet reward better. What you have not figured out is why that candy cannot be had at all times for any reason. It is hard to make you understand when daddy keeps eating it in front of you and he didn't go potty.
You can say the words momma, daddy (emphasis on the eeee part), Mamie, Pa, Coal, Eliot, cheese, shoes, juice, bite, mine, NO, go, away, duck, mean, bean, dog, moo, and please with regularity. You often repeat new words but then don't use them, such as pepper, boom, and purple. Today you said "bite, please" every time you wanted a noodle. I was impressed. It sounded like "buy peas" but I'll take it. You also sign "more","play", and "all done" as well. Communication is developing at a quick rate, but not fast enough I guess because you are starting to get easily frustrated when we don't understand.
Speaking of communication, you now come take my hand while pointing to the kitchen. If I follow you will point out exactly what you want. Usually it is for me to open the fridge and then you get your own cheese. We went through a package of cheese at lightning speed this week.
Otherwise your favorite foods are eggs, yogurt, and cantaloupe. I only wish these foods satisfied me the same way. I would never have to work out again.



P.S. I just had to delay posting this to go hunt you down. I found you in the bathroom transferring the water from the toilet to...everywhere else in the bathroom. And when you heard me say your name you totally startled and fell in the puddle you had made. There's one for the embarrassing stories to tell when you are sixteen! Now to give you a much needed bath.

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She's an extra special child.