Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Picture Post!

Months ago I dropped my phone in the baby's tub and didn't notice for about 45 minutes. Not long after that Sergio left his on the top of the car and it was run over by a stranger who then very kindly hunted us down and returned it. Since then we have replaced our phones. Just before I sent his back to the company he took a memory chip or something out of his and put it in mine. A tiny treasure trove of pictures showed up from the past several months. I thought I would share a few. The three top pics are from just the past few days and two of them come from our friends who hung out with us to watch Rosalind watch fireworks for the first time. Nikki taught her to say "boom" every time one went off. Rosalind seemed very content to watch from a distance while clinging to an adult.


Shelley said...

She's grown a bit and about the cutest baby EVER! Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Does your daughter have an England shirt??? I love it! Now you'll HAVE to bring her to England xxx Louisa