Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lazy Bullets!

  • We all have a cold. I feel slightly more human today than yesterday, but not much.

  • Every time I sneeze Rosalind says, "Bess you, Dawn." Of course, she also says exactly that when Sergio sneezes.

  • The purse seems to be officially gone.

  • I should have posted about the house a bunch of times by now, but I haven't. It has 99% of a new roof and has had since Thanksgiving break. It no longer has that random middle room, stairs, walls in the hallways or bedrooms, or ceilings in the kitchen and Rolo's room.

  • Everything on our tree has been moved out of Rosalind's reach. Turns out she never got over the novelty of ornaments or candy canes.

  • It has fallen to us to show this rental house to potential new renters. Does anyone else not care about housework while sick? I turned some girls away yesterday because I hadn't bothered to do the dishes. And I don't even feel bad about it.

  • Freaks and Geeks was one of the other shows that we watched on Netflix but that only had a couple of seasons. I knew there were more!

  • When Rosalind wakes up now she asks for Oso and Manny. I feel as though this might be a sign of parental laziness or something. On the other hand, if she insists on being up at five then I'm totally going to melt her brain with Special Agent Oso while I pretend to be awake on the couch. If any parents of little ones read this then here is a gift for you. "Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog! It's a Brand New Day, Whatcha Waitin' For?" Get THAT out of your head. You can't.


Der Fanatiker said...

Yeah, Sadie's been walking around for over a week now seeing Jingle Bells incessantly and, if not that, then, "what's gonna work? TEAM work." That shit just won't come out of your head for days.

Der Fanatiker said...

That's singing, not 'seeing,' btw.