Friday, December 03, 2010

Typical Me.

So Rosalind wasn't feeling well last night, but before I realized that I took her Christmas shopping with me. As we were leaving Kohl's she decided to pitch a fit and I decided to put the Kohl's bag and my purse down outside of the car door while I picked her up and spoke sternly. I put her in the car, and I put the Kohl's bag in the car. This morning I realized that the purse must have remained.

Shockingly, when my coworkers offered to watch my classes so I could get to Kohl's quickly this morning, it was not to be found. Nobody has turned it in to any stores either. So right now I am without most of my keys including the Focus, the house, my classroom, and the new house. I am also without my wallet which contains one (now canceled) credit card, and one (now canceled) debit card as well as my Oregon driver's license which I have sitting next to my Social Security card. I would hate to inconvenience anyone who might want to steal my identity so I just provide it all in one go. It is my phone, though, that I will miss the most. While I have most of the pictures I take with my phone on the computer, I don't have them all. Sad.

But, hey, it's the Christmas season. Maybe somebody is hunting me down as we speak. This is like the weakest premise of a Christmas movie ever.

If this fictional person goes by the address on my license then my stuff is going to end up in Oregon, Dallas, up the road, and at this address we will be leaving in a couple of weeks before making it's way to me. Nothing is ever simple.

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