Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Last Week Can Just Kiss My Rear.

So cosmic forces took a look at that post where I was all, "we're moved in and things are okay," and decided we needed a reality check. "Ohhoho," cosmic forces laughed, "let's just see about that!" And then our pipes froze for three days. And we stayed in town with friends one of those nights so we could shower, but Sergio's briefcase was stolen out of our car while we were there. And I couldn't get to work because our keys were in that briefcase. So I went back and got Rosalind from daycare and took her home because she seemed all sick and miserable. She seemed to get better. Our pipes unfroze without bursting. Sergio's briefcase was found tossed in a field behind the neighborhood, though the person has yet to return it. Things seemed to be looking up. Then last night Rosalind woke up at midnight completely inconsolable. It took us awhile to realize she wasn't just being a brat. I think it hit home when we had been up with her over an hour and I finally just put her down on the floor hoping she would find something to make herself happy and she just crawled around the floor wailing and flopping over. She wouldn't take any medicine, she wouldn't drink anything. It was almost 3am and we had been up since midnight. I turned on the tv, made her a pallet on the floor and fell asleep while she watched Rugrats. She finally puked a few times and promptly fell asleep on the floor.
She woke up this morning just as inconsolable as last night, but I had to go to work. I dropped her at daycare and asked them to call Sergio if she couldn't stay. BUT! I couldn't find the truck keys and had left Sergio at home with no possible way to get anywhere. 30 minutes after I got to work they called to say she was vomiting. I found a sub and left work only to find a sleeping baby at the daycare, left her there, drove home and got Sergio, and came back for the baby. Went straight to the doctor. And yes, I found the keys to the truck about ten minutes after picking up Sergio. In my purse. Shut up.
Rosalind has some horrifying version of an ear infection that involves blisters in her ears? And also a ruptured eardrum. That is why the vomiting. A mixture of constant dizziness and pain.
We all came home this afternoon and took a family nap. Rosalind is heavily dosed on tylenol and ibuprofen and an antibiotic. She must have felt a bit better by lunch because she scarfed her mac and cheese. However, just before that she EXPLODED all over the table while I ever so helpfully held a napkin under her face. She has been much happier ever since.
I have been to work only two full days in the last week and two days. Two snow days, one holiday, and two sick days. But I'm exhausted. Can things improve now?

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