Tuesday, June 20, 2006

87 things about us

For those of you who don't read many blogs, which I think is most of you, there is a common post among other bloggers called "100 things." Unfortunately, I couldn't think of that many and stopped at 87.

1. Sergio studied both Landscape Architecture and English in college.
2. His degree is in Anthropology.
3. Dawn started college studying business.
4. She wanted to study Art History but thought it wasn’t practical.
5. Her degree is International Relations.
6. Total number of jobs between them since college? 7
7. Number of jobs that are relevant to degrees? 0
8. Sergio pretended to be blind for several weeks in the third grade.
9. His teachers said he was bored and skipped him a grade.
10. Dawn was in the hospital for several days when she was five for a ruptured appendix. She remembers watching Alf on the hospital television.
11. If Sergio had been a girl, his name would be Stephanie.
12. If Dawn had been born a boy, her name would be Todd.
13. Dawn has needed corrective lenses since the third grade.
14 Seven inches from her face is the last place she can see something clearly.
15. Sergio has 20/15 vision.
16. Sergio has one fake front tooth. Car accident.
17. Dawn has one dead front tooth. Ice skating accident.
18. Sergio’s favorite food is his mother’s menudo. Hominy and tripe soup.
19. Dawn tried this the first time he took her to his home.
20. His mother always makes her a separate dish now.
21. Dawn has had two bad bike wrecks in her lifetime.
22. The last one was a year ago.
23. She can still see asphalt under her skin.
24. Sergio and Dawn married on March 13, 2004.
25. He proposed on a hike in Devil’s Den State Park.
26. They had the best food at their wedding.
27. One of Dawn’s five uncles is a chef.
28. They honeymooned in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
29. One of their favorite places in the world is Vancouver, BC.
30. They also really like Taos, NM.
31. Sergio is an only child.
32. Dawn has one older brother, Daniel. He is married to Amanda.
33. Dawn and Sergio have a six yr. old niece, Samantha, and a nephew due in August.
34. Dawn has never voluntarily spoken on videotape.
35. The only beer Dawn really likes is Blue Moon with lemon. An orange is ok if there are no lemons.
36. Dawn and Sergio both dream of a vacation that revolves around unpasteurized cheeses.
37. Sergio and Dawn both hate hot weather.
38. But Sergio has a Jekyll/Hyde thing going when the weather changes.
39. Sergio was one of the most competitive people Dawn knew when they met.
40. Dawn is not competitive.
41. Though if she has beaten someone at something already, she would prefer not to play again and chance losing.
42. Sergio has mellowed with age.
43. Dawn has read every Jane Austen book, but still likes Pride and Prejudice the best.
44. She dislikes Mansfield Park.
45. Sergio and Dawn both prefer a rainy day to a sunny one.
46. On a sunny hot day you can find them in a cold dark movie theater.
47. They will still watch anything Adam Sandler makes.
48. They have bought The Wedding Singer twice.
49. Dawn is over two months older than Sergio.
50. Dawn normally has short hair.
51. As a freshmen she cut it very short and was asked no less than ten times that year if she was a lesbian. Such is life in the south.
52. Dawn could not learn to use her sewing machine and thought it was broken.
53. Sergio looked at it to see if it was broken and made a teddy bear.
54. Dawn just can’t sew.
55. Dawn is learning to knit.
56. She has made several long rows of stitches and called them scarves.
57. Sergio was on the football, track, and tennis teams in high school.
58. Dawn was a cheerleader and played golf.
59. Dawn and Sergio name their dogs for Presidents and Authors.
60. They had a lab named Abraham Poe.
61. Eliot is Eliot Adams
62. John Adams is Sergio’s favorite founding father.
63. Sergio and Dawn worked at an after-school program for at-risk youth in college.
64. Then they both worked for the children’s shelter.
65. If they worked together at the shelter, Sergio always watched the boys while Dawn got stuck with the babies.
66. She was twenty and was only somewhat sure how to make a bottle or change a diaper.
67. Sergio and Dawn have not shopped at a Wal-Mart store in well over a year.
68. They live one town away from Wal-Mart headquarters.
69. There are only three stores in Fayetteville that aren’t connected with Wal-Mart.
70. Sergio and Dawn both voted for Kerry and were devastated when he lost.
71. When they visited Vancouver, they arrived on Canada Day and were given Canadian flag magnets. They sang the Canadian national anthem on the bus from the airport. It only got better.
72. Sergio says it is ok that we have a miniature black poodle because Eliot has a beard.
73. Sergio wants an Irish Wolfhound one day.
74. Dawn adopted a slight British accent her senior year of high school because her closest friend was a British foreign exchange student. Hi Louisa!
75. Sergio was the Homecoming Captain in high school.
76. Dawn and Sergio don’t know if they would have gotten along in high school.
77. Sergio told Dawn when they first began dating that she was the only girl with whom he had ever had to share an appetizer equally.
78. Dawn visited her British friends home when she was eighteen and fell in love with hot water bottles…and pretty much all things English.
79. Sergio lived in Death Valley as a child.
80. And Germany.
81. Dawn and Sergio were robbed three days after they moved into their apartment in Little Rock.
82. Dawn and Sergio’s favorite place in New Orleans is a used book store.
83. One of Sergio’s favorite movies is Legends of the Fall.
84. Dawn thinks this movie is unnecessarily sad and usually refuses to watch it with him.
85. They do not own a coffee pot or anything with which to make coffee.
86. David Sedaris can make Dawn laugh out loud every time she reads his work, even if she has already read it five times before.
87. Sergio once spent an entire day emailing Dawn in Haiku.


Iggy said...

88. Sergio once got so mad at losing a poker game that he ripped off his friend's mail box.
89. And threw it in the woods.
90. He denied it for weeks.
91. On a separate occassion he challenged the same friend to a wrestling match for the money he lost.
92. Sergio outweighed him by approx. 40 lbs.
93. The more Sergio drinks, the louder he snores.
94. Sergio missed over 20 classes of "Honors Global Studies" in high school.
95. The class was at 11:00... he was in the library.
96. Dawn hate's the term "meat sweats."
97. Sergio hate's Judge Judy.
98. For a brief time, Sergio had a mustache in high school.
99. Sergio ran the "guard around" in high school... the name of the play was "Garcia."
100. Dawn wears the pants in the family.

Sergio and Dawn said...

Meat sweats! How could I forget that?

Thea said...

Testing to see if I can comment.

Retha said...

I am seeing a whole new side to my son.

Meat Sweats?

Honors Global Studies ( I did not know you even had such a class.)

101. Sergio and Dawn have been successful in everything they have set out to do,( they were only unsuccessful if it was something they did not want to do.)
101. Sergio and Dawn both dare to be great, and I am very proud of both of them.