Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random thoughts

I don’t know how it happens, but every week I get to mid week and realize that I haven’t posted. It isn’t for lack of ideas either. I just never get around to typing them out, or if I do, I find them boring and erase them before they ever make it to the editing department (Sergio). So there is a backlog of things that we have done that make for boring posts but that I want you to know about anyway. So a quick update.

Last weekend we went hiking at Pea Ridge Military State Park. It is a ways up the road from us, but it is a lovely flat easy hike with beautiful scenery. We have tried it before but had to turn back due to seed ticks. This time we armed ourselves with lots of bug spray and hoped that the steady rain would keep the bugs at bay. Halfway through the hike we realized that the mutant seed ticks of Pea Ridge Battlefield were immune to our bug spray and walked the rest of the way on the Auto tour road. The best part of the hike was near the end, we were drenched from the rain and at the site formerly occupied by Elkhorn Tavern, a tour guide was staked out to tell us about the area. He had a little mixed breed dog that Eliot wanted to play with, and he filled us in on some history in the meantime. He was a retired gentleman decked out in period clothing and talking with him was a pleasure.

This weekend we ate at a new restaurant in Fayetteville called Greenhouse Grille. It serves only organic meats and vegetables and is one of a kind in this area outside of the natural foods store. It is in an old Pizza Hut building and you wouldn’t think much of it from the outside, but inside they have turned it into a cozy little bar area. The food was excellent. I had black bean enchiladas and Sergio had a jerk chicken dish. I wanted the buffalo burger but they had run out, I think they are still trying to get their feet under them. They also get at least some of their supplies from Old Soul Organics here in Fayetteville which is owned by a friend of a friend and should also be supported.

It has been very hot in Fayetteville lately and working out has been hard. Yesterday, however, we went swimming with my niece and it never hit eighty. All the kids were shivering and the lifeguards were wrapped in multiple towels for warmth. In contrast, it was 100 degrees in Portland.


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