Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Eight Year Old Chocolate Dog is Trapped in the Closet

JUNE! What happened to May or April for that matter? I can’t believe how fast time is moving. Usually when you are waiting for something big to begin time crawls, but we have just over two months now until we pack our few belongings into a trailer and move across the country. Which means it is time to start cleaning out the drawers, closets, and bookshelves. We began last night with our books.

I should note here that I am a pack rat. My mother can attest to this, as she had to force me to clean out my closet and personal junk drawer every year. The arguments would go something like this.
Mom: Don’t you think you should throw out the half melted chocolate dog now?
Me (with horror): Throw it out?! But someone got me that for my 6th birthday and I couldn’t possibly part with it, ever.

Sergio, on the other hand, holds almost nothing sacred. When I met him he had just built a lovely mission style bed. When it came time to move, he took the whole thing and threw it in the dumpster. Minutes later it disappeared into the neighbor’s house. I think Sergio’s motto is if he can’t use it in the next week, then he doesn’t need it anymore.

So with these two opposing views we began our book purging. Don’t panic, we are selling them; no book will ever be thrown away in our house. I had already come up with maybe twenty books that could go. Paperback romance novels and mysteries mostly. That would still leave maybe 80 books that we would pack up and move. When I came home, there were twenty books left on the shelf and two boxes full of books to be sold on the floor. Breathe Dawn.
Me: How can we sell this classic? Nobody gets rid of this.
Him: Do you even like that book?
Me: No.
Him: Are you ever going to read it again?
Me: No.
Him: Well.
Me: Blank stare.

Far too much logic for me. What about all the hurt feelings the books will have? Or the people who bought it for me 17 years ago? What about that?

This is going to be hard.


Retha said...

I thought that was very cute. It gives me a whole new picture of my daughter-in-law.


Shelley said...

It’s probably best for one person in a relationship to be a sentimental pack-rat and the other to throw everything away. Evens things out – and prevents bugs. Chocolate dog?