Sunday, October 15, 2006

Questions off the top of my head.

Ok folks I, Sergio, have decided that our friends and family are not commenting nearly enough so I've come up with a short quiz for you all to take, the winner of which gets my thanks and appreciation and nothing more. We'd rather you put something funny than look up the answer and we are really just looking for conversation, though if you don't at least try we may never talk to you again. We'll put up the answers in three days, hurry up.

Pop culture
What country recently ran out of silicone breast implants due to a forthcoming carnivale celebration?
What is the one mountain in the Cascade Mountain Range named for a former president of the US?
What is Arkansas' current ranking in the BCS poll?
In what state was Thomas Jefferson born in?
What was Dawn's full name at birth?
I'm an orphan, I'm English, and I've a financier, who am I?


Thea said...

I only know 2. I am sure this is just to show our ignorance.

The Hogs I think were 17th last week probably will change this week and I probably am not looking at the BCS poll.

I hope I get this one right. Dawn Nichole Baxley, although I spelled it Nicole and someone (who will remain nameless told me that was not the correct way to spell it).

This is a cruel way to get us to reply. I do read the blog and enjoy so please don't stop but I am not very good at the commenting. I comment to Dawn on the phone about them though.


Retha said...

Pop Culture- France

Geography- Mt. Adam

Sports- 42

History- Pennsylvania

Personal- Dawn Nicole Baxley

Literature- what's a fancier


Sergio and Dawn said...

We're really just hoping for comments and to show our love of trivia, not to make anyone feel dumb. Promise.

Jared said...

Good morning to my friends out west. I too check the blog almost everyday. I really enjoy all the posts. The scenery is freaking awesome. Since I completely suck at trivia, here are my answers:
1. Thailand - for no other reason than, some shrimp diets contain .001% silicone.
2.Hamilton? Seems like a good name for a mountain
3. 13 as of 8:40 am, on October 17,2006. GO HOGS!!!!!!
4.PA - Im not sure if I can spell Pennsylvania
5. I do not even know Dawn's maiden name
6. Little Orphan Annie or Edgar Alan Poe.

Things are going well here in St. Louis. We have got the big stuff planned (church, reception hall, photographer) for the wedding. It will be October 6,2007. Go CARDS and GO HOGS and will talk to you later

Jared said...
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Shelley said...

1. Brazil

2. McKinley

3. Not #1 but doing much better

4. Dawn Nicole Baxley (I cheated)

5. Wha?