Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Answer is...42. Wait, Different Question.

So here are the answers to the little quiz we put up the other day. Since we did get a good response, we will probably do this again from time to time. Thank you for participating.

1. Brazil ran out of silicone breast implants recently because so many women wanted bigger breasts before the Carnivale festival. We only know this because we watched Discovery Atlas-Brazil the other day.

2. Mt. Adams is the only Cascades mountain named for a President. Hopefully, Sergio will write a post about his Mt. Adams climb sometime soon.

3. Arkansas is ranked 13th in the BCS poll this week.

4. Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia.

5. My full name was Dawn Nichole Baxley, but you still get credit if you missed the H.

6. Pip, Great Expectations.

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