Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am still trying to get over the river of phlegm I unleashed upon the world over the weekend, and so there is very little to report. Instead we thought that we would redecorate our blog. I like switching things up every now and then, but I always lose my sitemeter when I do. Drives me crazy.
So while we were in Tacoma, I spent most of my Friday evening curled up in a ball of self-pity and kleenex. At that point I had gone through two rolls of toilet paper, two small boxes of kleenex with lotion in them, two boxes of random medications I found in our junk drawer and the bottom of my purse, and a half bottle of nose spray. I was fairly miserable.
It was at this point that I decided playing with a Swiss Army Knife would be fun. I learned something valuable that I think I should pass on. When you are looking for something in one of those, be sure to open and CLOSE each attachment before opening another. What? You already knew that? Well, give me a break, I was mixing medications.
I just wonder what the cleaning lady was thinking the next day when she walked into that nightmare of bloody towels and wadded tissues. It can't have looked good.

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