Saturday, January 27, 2007

Let's Play, Name That City

We took a really quick trip to Tacoma and Seattle this weekend. So quick, in fact, that we were home before 4 today. Our biggest goal was to hit Pike's Place Public Market, and you can see above that we did. The picture that shows Pike Place Fish Co. and tons of yummy looking crab, is the place you always see men throwing fish around on tv. We did get to witness this a couple of times, but never caught it on camera. Next time, I want to go up the Space Needle, but we weren't sure if you could take dogs in bags up there. Yes, we stuck Eliot in a bag and took him with us. He actually seemed ok with the whole thing. Sergio was less wild about having to carry him around when my shoulder gave out.
Seattle has gorgeous veiws in every direction. You can look one way and see Mt. Rainier, or another and see the bay and the Olympic range. We loved the market. There was so much food to choose from, but we actually only had one thing. We bought six little donuts from a stand that offered three varieties. They were the size of those powdered kind you buy in packages of eight, and they were made right there on a tiny conveyer belt. They were warm and crispy and maybe the most perfect donuts I have ever eaten.
Other than that we just wandered around and took in the city. A very successful trip.

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Retha said...

I almost thought I was invading someone elses blog.

I would love to go to that market, It looks so wonderful.