Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A post! With Words!

We have watched every bowl game so far this year. Not necessarily every minute of every game, but at least part of them all. There are games involving schools that I didn't realize had football teams. That is one of the strange things that comes with living on the west coast. If you get up early enough and stay up until a normal time of night, you can watch everything. We got to see all of the Oklahoma v. Boise State game without having to try and stay awake, though it would have been well worth it.
There are a few other things about living on the upper west coast that we have found odd.
Despite the fact that you CAN watch football all day, nobody does
No good mexican food
No thunder
Multi-colored lightning, but only once so far
freezing fog
stagnant air warnings (what?)
Even though you can get great organic meat easily here, nobody eats it
The only food culture is beer and ice cream, sometimes together
Still can't figure out when shows come on with Pacific Standard Time
Catfish is the imported menu item
Seeing commercials that portray Arkansas as the desert
Trying to deal with the increased cost of living as Californians flock here because it is so cheap
Being way closer to Canada than to Mexico
And we still can't get used to not pumping our own gas

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Retha said...

I can't tell if you are talking it up or down. You sound a little discouraged.

Love Ya